Hello, Citizen Scientist.

Our collective mission in collaboration with The Greater Good Science Center is to get these joy practices prescribed by doctors and mental health care workers as an antidote for depression, anxiety, loneliness, isolation and other mental health needs.

By filling out this 5 minute reflection survey, you are not only contributing vital information to fuel this movement, but also celebrating your brain-body for the important work you’ve been doing.

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Now, let’s GO IN and reflect. 🔍Trust your gut.

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Not only are we learning how our practices are supporting you so we can make them better and more potent, your reflections here will contribute to the future of dance as a prescription for loneliness, depression, anxiety and more for others too.

This is history making stuff. Let’s go. 🧠💃

With love & mischief,
The Daybreaker Science Team

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